Pleasant Grove Elementary School

2847 Pleasant Grove Union School Rd, Burlington, NC 27217

General Information

Year Built: 1929
Building Area: 40,793 SF
Acres: 16.38
Classroom Capacity: 324
Number of Students: 308
Current Capacity: 95.06%
Project Start Date: October 2019
Bond Issuance Date: April 2021
Construction Start Date: TBD
Completion Date: TBD

Pleasant Grove

Bond Project Information

Project Budget: $6,474,192

Construction GMP: $5,993,492

Renovate/Upgrade Existing Buildings to include:
• School safety improvements (cameras, blinds, carded entry locks)
• Flooring replacement to include removal/abatement of remaining asbestos tile
• Renovate multi-restroom facilities with new plumbing fixtures, tile, partitions and paint
• Exterior window replacement where needed
• Repair entrance canopy
• Add humidity controls to HVAC upgrades or installations
• Replace non-ADA compliant cabinetry, sinks, door hardware
• Fix erosion issues on site
• Repair damaged/cracked sidewalks
• Roof replacement/repair where needed
• Replace aging electrical panels
• Replace aging mechanical equipment

Pleasant Grove Elementary School
Bond Project Updates

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Pleasant Grove has new windows and classroom casework installed. A bathroom has been installed in several classrooms due to only having one community bathroom at Pleasant Grove.

Pleasant Grove Elementary
School Capital Projects

Capital Projects in Progress

Capital Projects Completed

  1. Summer 2019 - Divide Classroom/Classroom Renovations $10,000