Childcare Center & Instructional Space

Expansion and Renovation

Proposed Bond Project Information

Project Budget: $4,440,000

Bond Issuance Date: September 2022
Construction Start Date: November 2022
Estimated Completion Date: November 2023
Architect: TBD
Operating Impact: $0


Childcare Expansion & Renovation:

• Renovation Current Space: 13,095 SF - 5 classroom/lab spaces
• Renovation Additional Space: 1,000 to 2,000 SF - 2 new classrooms/Indoor activity/lab spaces at approximately 2,000 SF

Main Campus and Library (26,000 SF):

15 renovated classrooms
10,000 SF renovated Library to Active Learning Center

Powell (Net 6,000 SF):

• 6 labs/classrooms with a minimum of 1 additional Biology lab
• 2 additional Chemistry labs
• Renovation of a current Biology lab and Anatomy and Physiology lab

Childcare Center & Instructional Space
Expansion and Renovation
Bond Project Updates

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The Childcare and Instructional Space projects have been combined into one project. The goal is that January/February will be a target for the Capital Project Ordinance and Form 3-1 to be approved by the Board of Commissioners. Additionally, the project manager process and selection will be updated at the Building and Grounds Committee Meeting this spring.