Term Definitions

Education Bond Projects: Projects funded by bond issuance approved by voter referendum in November 2018 in the amount of $150 million. These projects involve major expansion, renovations, and replacements at various schools across the ABSS system. These project timelines span over the course of multiple fiscal years and are thus authorized through a Capital Project Ordinance approved by the Alamance County Board of Commissioners.

5 Year CIP PayGo: Projects funded annually through an allocation by the Alamance County Board of Commissioners in the annual budget process. At this time, the currently adopted Capital Plan schedules an allocation of $3.3 million per year for these types of projects.

Other Projects: Projects funded with other sources besides education bonds and annual PayGo allocation. These projects include those funded with allocations from the ABSS Capital Reserve Fund, or "savings account," maintained by Alamance County. The Capital Reserve Fund is built by leftover funds from completed projects, and funds generated by the capital plan when revenues exceed expenditures.

Unfunded Projects: These projects include ABSS identified needs that currently do not have an identified funding source from any of the above-defined sources.