J.B. Allen Jr., Courthouse

212 W. Elm Street, Graham

General Information

COST ESTIMATE: $1,944,000

Year Built: 1993
Gross Area (SF): 40,891
Rating: B
Expected Borrowing Date: January 2023
Construction Start Date: March 2024
Estimated Completion Date: December 2024
Architect: TBD

Renovate Target Areas to Provide:

  • Additional courtrooms from former administrative and office space
  • Improvements to jury and bailiff rooms
  • Connection to court services and administration offices

    Court Safety Improvements:

  • Safe access from detention center to courtrooms
  • Bathroom accessibility improvements
  • Public parking adjacent to public court entry
  • JB Allen Courthouse

    J.B . Allen Jr., Courthouse

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    Future Capital Projects

    1. 2023-2024 / 2024-2025: JB Allen Renovation $1,944,000

    Capital Project Updates

    CRA Associates has completed space planning and given a building cost estimate. The County continues to work with CRA Associates on building size.

    Completed Capital Projects

    1. 2020-2021: Clerk of Court Carpet and Cubicle Project
    2. Old carpet was punctured and cut during the process to stabilize soils under the J.B. Allen Jr., Courthouse.
      Once the soil supporting the building had been stabilized, the internal renovations began. Pictures show the old carpet and cubicles were removed, the subfloors repaired and new carpet, paint and cubicles installed..

    3. 2019-2020: Roof Replacement Project: Replace 1992 Roof ($20/17,188 sf) Additional cost of architect spec work  $343,760.
    4. This roof replacement project is expected to be completed in November 2020. Pictures show the roof prior to replacement, then the installation of DensDeck and two layers of white cap sheet. The final steps include installing metal coping on top of the exterior walls and replacing the corridor roof connecting the building to the Detention Center.

    5. 2019-2020: Foundation Stabilization $115,030