Alamance County Facility Plan Overview

General Information

The Alamance County Facility Plan is the result of an ongoing process by County staff to maximize the potential of existing land and buildings used for Court and County Services. The process, which included space considerations for ten-year county growth estimates and expansions of new programs, resulted in building and space assessments as well as identified funding sources.

The first step consisted of consultants and staff assessing and reviewing conditions of buildings, verifying accurate building drawings, and making recommendations for the future of buildings by identifying estimated costs for maintenance and repair as compared to building replacement costs.

The second step sought input from judiciary members, court staff, and County Departments for existing and future space needs.

Next, County staff identified funding sources for the costs of County and Judiciary facility needs as explained in the Alamance County Capital Plan. Funding sources may include: federal and state grants, private donations, and approximately twenty million dollars in installment loans paid by existing debt service allocation.

The Alamance County Facility Planning Process resulted in the organization of three separate campuses: Downtown Graham Campus (Judicial Services), Martin Street Campus (Emergency Services), and the East Burlington Campus (Human Services).

  1. The Downtown Graham Campus,where the Detention Center and Court buildings are currently located, will be developed through expansion within the current footprint. This allows all judicial and law enforcement services to be located together.
  2. The Martin Street Campus, where the Family Justice Center is currently located, will be developed to include a Mental Health Diversion and Restoration Center, an Emergency Services Center, and room for a future building that could house additional county services.
  3. The East Burlington Campus, where the Health and Social Services Departments are currently located, will be evaluated to include related human services. Additionally, new construction of a building will be located on Rudd Street which will include Friendship Adult Day Care, Open Door Clinic, and space for Social Services employees.

Moving forward, each County campus project will be comprised of thoughtfully planned phases that consist of stakeholder input and consideration of future service needs.

Photo Credit: ShutteRelease Pro and Aerial/Chris Laforet