Court System Campus

Downtown Graham

New Court Administrative Office Building


  • Relieves Clerk of Court overcrowding
  • Brings Juvenile Justice, Probation and Parole, and ancillary functions closer to court
  • Opens space in the Historic Courthouse
  • Opens current Civil Court for County Government Departments
  • Enables remodeling to the J.B. Allen Jr., Courthouse to allow all court to be in one building

New Courtroom Building with Large courtroom(s)


  • Consolidates court spaces and improves safety and efficiency
  • Opens space in the Civil Court Building
  • Offers new, adequate space for high-volume activities (i.e. traffic court, new jury room space, etc.)

Elm Street Parking Deck


  • Increases staff and public parking
  • Provides safe parking for judiciary and court staff

Targeted location for Future Jail Expansion and Parking Deck #2


  • Increased capacity to meet future demand
  • Eliminates Prison Camp Road site

Future Building


  • Provides capacity for future court services or county government use

Conceptual Drawing Examples

Courthouse and Jail Expansion