Alamance Parks

3916 R. Dean Coleman Road, Burlington, North Carolina 27215

General Information

Administrative Offices
Year Built: 1941
Last Renovation: NA
Gross Area (SF): 6,141
Rating: B
Departments: Parks Administration

Cedarock Park Office
Year Built:
Last Renovation: NA
Gross Area (SF): 1,680
Rating: B

Cedarock Park Maintenance Building
Year Built:
Last Renovation: NA
Gross Area (SF): 1,968
Rating: A

Pleasant Grove Community Center
Year Built: 1951
Last Renovation: NA
Gross Area (SF): 7,406
Rating: A

Eli Whitney Gym
Year Built:
Last Renovation: NA
Gross Area (SF): 8,236
Rating: B

Parks Facility

Capital Projects In Progress

Future Capital Projects

  1. Unassigned: Cedarock Park Carney Post Office $210,000
  2. Unassigned: B. Everett Jordan Athletic Complex Restrooms/Concessions Renovations $250,000
  3. Unassigned: Eli Whitney Community Center Gym Floor and Backboard Replacement $125,000
  4. Unassigned: Altamahaw-Ossipee Elementary Athletic Complex Renovations $250,000
  5. Unassigned: E.M. Holt Elementary Athletic Complex Renovations $200,000
  6. Unassigned: Pleasant Grove Community Center Gym Climate Control $350,000

Completed Capital Projects

  1. 2020-2021: Cedarock Park Equestrian Center
  2. 2019-2020: Eli Whitney Gym Replacement of Septic and Drain Field $25,000 (waiting for approval from ABSS)
  3. 2018-2019: Pleasant Grove Roof $350.90