Martin Street Campus

Emergency Services

DRAFT - Martin Street Campus - Emergency Services - Conceptual Drawing

Emergency Services Center:

Consolidates all County Emergency Service functions including:

  • Emergency Management staff and equipment
  • Fire Marshal's Office and equipment
  • 911 Communications
  • Co-location of Burlington Police Department and 911 Communications Center
  • EMS Substation and Garage

Provides space for Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
Opens space in the County Office Building

Funding: Apply for State 911 funds to help with design and construction costs

Diversion Center: 


  • Provides a space for mental health services
  • Provides alternate mental health services to Detention Center and Emergency Room

Funding: Funds have been provided by Cardinal Innovations Grant and private donors

Family Justice Center: 


  • Provides a space for Domestic Violence Collaborative
  • Relocates Emergency Services from Family Justice Center opening additional space for victim services

Future Building: 


  • Provides 20,000-40,000 square feet for additional county services