County Office Building

124 W. Elm Street, Graham

General Information

Year Built: 1976
Last Renovation: NA
Gross Area (SF): 30,760
Rating: B
Departments: Central Communications, County Manager's Office, Finance, GIS, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Purchasing, Tax
Expected Borrowing Date: January 2025
Construction Start Date: January 2025
Construction Completion: December 2026

County Office

County Office Building

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Capital Projects In Progress

  1. 2023-2024: HVAC Units Replacement $64,750

Future Capital Projects

  1. 2024-2025: Boiler Replacement $62,000

Completed Capital Projects

  1. 2018–2019: County Offices Sealing Project $41,017
  2. 2019-2020: County Offices Elevator (Replace Cab interior and all working parts on accelerated schedule) $135,300
  3. 2019-2020: Office Renovations & staff relocation to allow future judicial system building projects
  4. 2021-2022: County Offices HVAC System $328,500

Capital Project Updates

The work to replace the HVAC controls on the first and third floors of the County Office Building was completed in May 2022. The project is complete except for components that will allow monitoring from an offsite location.