Aug 2021: At the August TRC meeting, ABSS shared that recent storms have increased the strain to Graham High School roofs. This impact will be assessed and is expected to make roof repair at Graham High School a higher priority project. CIP painting projects are being completed and back-to-school projects were prioritized in recent weeks.

July 2021: An Oversight Committee presentation shared details about the ABSS Five Year CIP. In addition to categories of spending (i.e. Painting, electrical, safety upgrades) the presentation shared which schools would have projects in each fiscal year. Note that details about security upgrades have been redacted from reports available on the capital project website for safety reasons. Painting projects are scheduled to complete the list of schools and then begin on metal roofs. While yellow buses are provided by state funding, other vehicles and Activity buses are funded locally. There’s a need for about $150,000/year for these vehicles but ABSS has set that at a much lower priority than other items in the current CIP list. Information was also shared about the systems inspections process (i.e. fire alarms, elevators, roofs) that inform the ABSS on maintenance versus replacement plan. Links were shared to reports on the expected life of chillers & boilers as well as an Asbestos report.